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Permanent Match

Permanent Match - LifeStyleDemand


Permanent Match

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The Permanent Match– This Match can be used as a MATCH and also as a Flint to start a fire.

The Permanent Match is perfect for all sorts of conditions! RainingSnowingWindy Conditions & More! You can never be too cautious. Perfect for campingsurvival and can even be used as a day to day lighter.


Our Permanent Match boasts an impressive 15,000+ strikes in its lifetime! Great for any outdoor activity or in emergency situations. 100% waterproof and works in all weather conditions. Stainless steel with a tough ironclad metal alloy body. Easily portable with its compact size and keychain features.The small design makes it easy to carry. It’s a must-have for any outdoor trips.


Stainless steel and tough metal body.

Waterproof, Works equally well when wet or cold

Good for at least 15,000+ strikes. premium quality magnesium core striker.

Mini shape, light weight, space-saving and easy to carry


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